New Blogger “Engine”

So the nice folks at Google put a whole new engine and interface on Blogger and, of course, that's the first thing, after the “click to upgrade” I'm going to wax philosophical on.
This soooooo cool and amazing. As I type the words, they actually show  up on the screen. Now, some of you are thinking .. “what's he smokin' .. of course they show up on the screen” … but … let me ‘splain to ya … in the old version it could be a second to many seconds before what I typed wound up on my screen … and often times when I typed and did a typo (aka boo boo) it would be a couple of lines back that it “FINALLY” showed up. I'm like a little kid with a new box for his b-day (the box was always better than the thing that came in it).
Google is working to make their stuff better for US their customers … funny how that looks to me … and my mba brain wants to say back … well, in't that silly??? in't that whut they suppozed to be doin???
The deal here is that many companies forgot that detail in their failing business models … that they were in business to “serve their customers” and not to take as much as they could before the economy caught up with them (take a serious peek at the foibles of HP over the last several years).
Maybe that's one of the big things lost in our failing education system …. that aspect of “service in exchange for your income” – and, if you think about it the opposite is the basic message from most TV and movies … it is more like “take what you want and someone else will take out the garbage later” …
I'll stick with being a dreamer and wanting honesty and integrity in everything I see, do and touch …
Don Silver – Ensenada, Mexico, August 31

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