Will it be Googleola or Motoroogle???

Google's latest tech acquisition of Motorola makes sense to both companies AND even more sense to the consumers of both products, i.e. Droid and quality smart phones and tablets.

OK … what difference does it make to us? Let's examine that first … right now the number of choices is being reduced by number of patent based lawsuits floating around the world by Apple and Microsoft in an effort to reduce their competition … how strange. It is one thing to produce a better product at a better price so the consumer demand is higher for yours than it is for any competitors. Instead we have 2 companies who have gone to the “dark side” of the business world by creating conflict over …. hmmm …  nonsense. Let me explain a bit more … in today's technical arena, it is relatively easy to file a patent on things that really should not be candidates for patent .. i.e. processes (ways of doing something – is not the same as a “thing”). Could McDonald's create a patent on the process they use of building a burger (not the secret ingredients, but the steps they take to put it together)? That is what Apple has done. 

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