Why I CAN Shop at Walmart and YOU CANNOT

OK so I am feeling a bit provocative today. The fact is anyone can shop at Walmart if they choose to.

I recently received an email from someone detailing how they could never go to Walmart again because of all the poor people with poor and small thinking who went there. They continued to elaborate and made the claim that rich people never went there and they only went where rich people go.

Now, if I followed that logic, then places like Nordstroms and Nieman Marcus would be off the table. The really rich people don't go shopping at any mere department store, they only go to the upscale boutique places. So, now I am “forced” to buy designer clothes – no more Wrangler Jeans or even the very comfortable Calvin Klein Jeans I like. AND absolutely no more J Crew. So I started to do a personal evaluation on this considered my reasons for shopping at the places I like.

To begin, I choose where I go to shop and who I associate with and at no time are they mixed up. There are stores that have products I prefer and that is where I go to shop. I am not confused by lumping “being in the presence of” with “associating with” people of any social class.

I go to Walmart for certain items that I can easily find and prefer. I only visit them when they are near (I don't drive far to shop there.) And, strangely enough, I don't go there to socialize with the masses, only to shop. I like certain brands of clothing that feel more comfortable to me and fit me better than other brands. Let's face it that anyone who knows me also knows that I will NEVER wear low cut designer jeans. And I choose my wardrobe based on my preferences and not the whims of some odd designer.

One of the funny things it comes down to is this: are you capable of determining on your own where you are permitted to go, whether it is for shopping or any other reason OR are you always going to be a the mercy and whim of someone who writes an article TELLING you that you cannot go some particular place or do some particular thing – just because THEY have an issue with it.

Think about that for a bit!

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