Which are You? Pedal to the Metal or Just Coasting?

How do you live your life? Do you always play the game “full out” or find yourself in the “going with the flow” mode? I know from personal experience and from watching other successful entrepreneurs that “full out” is the way to win and have the success.

As an example of the difference I will, once again, draw on the Olympics in Beijing. Michael Phelps (most people know the name by now) has won all the races he has been in, including (or especially) the 100 m Butterfly. Anyone who saw the race knows that he won by the tinyest margin of 1/100 of a second and it was actually by a fraction of an inch. One of the segments in the TV coverage showed the slow motion break down (frame by frame) of his winning effort. As he approached the wall he swam an extra half stroke and stretched his arm out to touch while keeping his head down. His competitor (came in second) had actually been ahead and was shown in this photo sequence as “coasting” and raising his head up to see where he was and what was going on. Simply put, he stopped swimming and was just coasting toward the finish – to come in second.

Examine your life and see if you are playing to win and driving to the finish or splashing in the pool and coasting along. In my own examination I discovered many places where I was not playing the game to win. With this new knowledge I can now resolve these limits and achieve more.

Will you join me at the top? Our game has room for many to be successful.

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