Where the “F” is my cheese? or did someone move it?

I like cheese … all kinds … and like reading about things, lots of things. There is a book “Who Moved My Cheese?” about change and lots of  interesting things. What's my point here???? Let me ‘splain. The idea of the cheese is the same as goals, desires and all the things you and I are seeking (or should be seeking) that will give us the icing on the cake of fulfillment.

Do you know what you want? If you were to make the kind of money that is available to all of us, what would you do with it? Have you prepared your plan for success? Have you any idea of what money you will spend or invest or both?

Start by making a few lists: current income, current expenses and current investments (with their return). Next make a list of the things you would spend money on and other things you would invest in that would either give you a direct return on investment or a growth over time. And if you haven't doubled, tripled or quadrupled your income figures, then do all that.

When you have an idea of all the things you would do with money, then you are in a position to start receiving it. Where would you shop for the clothes you will buy when you have money? What car will you have for your “every day driver” and what car will you have for your “weekender getaways”? Are you going to pay outright or use income from investments to make payments how much is the difference? Would you stay in the same house or remodel it or move – and, again, where is the money to do the changing? Travel is another big thing that we have to prepare for change. Are we going to fly first class or private?

When you know where the cheese is and how you are going to move it, then you have half the battle fought. I always tell people to journal or write all about the things they have and the things they want. Partly to expand the range of things they are aware of and partly to focus their energies in the acquisition of new and better things. Don't wait until it is too late to start your process of growth and know that as you start the process of wanting more and knowing what to do with more, then there will be more to have.

Go for it!