Where ARE My Results?

I have learned a number of great lessons in the time I have been a Network Marketer (a proud distinction). One of them is about getting results. Many of us equate the money in our pocket or bank with either the reward for our results or the reason for our ability to achieve or lack of our results. I do not.
Taking the ability to achieve part first I want to make it clear that results (often measured in leads generated) are not due to having an unlimited source of funds to throw at lead generation. Lead gen can be EITHER the spend the money type or it is the “spend the time” type. And both have their own learning curves. Anyone who has ever set up a pay-per-click account on Google knows about the learning curve. And if you set your daily spend limit at too small an amount, then your lead system will not flow enough to really test the effectiveness and you wind up spending more money for less results.
Using the little or no money approach to lead generation, there are many ways to drive web traffic to your marketing web site without spending a fortune per lead. They all, for the most part, involve YOU spending your time doing the “legwork” to increase your web presence in a “organic” results. Organic results are when someone does a search for “widgets to buy” and your  site shows up in the search results on the first page (providing you sell widgets). There are as many ways to boost your site rankings in the organics as there are grains of sand on the beach outside my back door and this is neither the time nor place to expand on that. The big point to take away here is this: if you want the results, YOU have to take the action to get them. And if you don’t know how, then find someone who will get you started and learn how to do it.
Yes, learning … that activity that some of us rebelled against in school. If you make it simple, then it will be simple. Spread your learning exercises over time. Instead of sitting down and planning on spending the  next 12 hours “figuring this out” and winding up tired, frustrated and still not understanding, Spend one hour per day in “learning”  mode and by the end of the week, you will have accomplished more than that “figure it outer” who still didn’t figure it out.
Treat your learning exercises as a delightful experience. Be proud of the new knowledge you have retained. And if you want to know one of the real results of this, it will make YOU a better LEADER and your business will grow as people want to learn the things you know.
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