What’s Wrong With This Picture?

In the never ending discussion of “which came first, the chicken or the egg” we have an abundance of similar situations with the same conundrum-like question. Most of them distill down to a question of common sense – or, at least to some, a lack thereof. Over the past couple of weeks I have been increasingly aware of the growing number of quasi-intelligent people who, in their search for a business opportunity, have chosen to start with a program that has all the outward appearances of a dead end, and soon to happen.
The system is network marketing; often called MLM and lumped together with a myriad of other opportunities that are part of the vast at home business universe. The product(s) in this case are travel. The “challenge” to my brain – is simple: in a world economy where the professional travel industry is in the process of downsizing and metamorphosing into something different AND professional travel agents are less able to generate their own income we now have a new player in the world. At first glance, their business model does not appear to include products and the profits are earned by sponsoring others into the “business” – a sure sign of imminent failure. Governmental regulators just drool over companies without products.
I bring this as an example to explore the “lottery mentality” prevalent in our society (worldwide). An “investment” of a mere $300 will yield a whopping $10,000 when all the planets align. My amazement is in the fact that so many people are signing up that others are actually making the money. This phenomenon can be likened to a “slice” of lemmings all jumping into the sea (and, yes, a group of lemmings is called a slice – look it up for yourself). Or the crush at the lottery ticket counters when the jackpot is large. Where did we veer from the idea of being rewarded for our efforts and not wishing for “pie in the sky” without effort.
As an alternative to this we can start a coop and have a drawing for “the date they shut down” – entry fee would be $100 and the winner(s) would get a share in the collected pool – this could be a very lucrative venture and would be easier to attract eager participants  AND the reward would be staggering. If only 10,000 people join this group, the winner or winners would share $1,000,000 – a million dollars (less expenses).
On the more legitimate side of life, I was speculating on a company with a real product – something each of us would be using and would purchase on a regular basis. The product would have to sell for between $100 and $1000 and would have a profit of one third to the selling distributor. This would provide a life level income for anyone who simply sold the product. It involves work and following a system (a road map for all to follow).
Where does this leave us? An even better question to ask yourself is: am I a blind follower or will I investigate for myself and find the “best truth” and not take another person’s truth as my own. I will examine my motives for both taking the action and not taking the action and make sure it is not because of someone else having a bigger agenda than mine.
Be your own person, choose for yourself and KNOW FOR YOURSELF.

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