What’s Their Agenda?

Over the years I have noticed a number of people and companies who “share information” and sometimes wonder what is their agenda for sharing this particular bit of data.

We all have seen the news and know their agenda is to sell advertising to create income. But what happens when a “seemingly” credible source provides us with some “apparently” pertinent data? And how do we weigh the value to us against their pressing reason to share it?
In politics, it is very easy to see the underlying reason for the info, it either serves the teller to share it because it has a positive spin for their cause or candidate – or a negative one which damages or hopes to damage the opposition.
The real challenges show up in the plethora of “reviews” we are inundated with on the Internet. What happens when someone goes to a restaurant in a “less than stellar” mode, encounters a server who “strikes a negative note” and it goes farther down hill from there. Their review and comments are shaded by their personality and how they “perceived” their treatment. You can go to almost any really great restaurant and find a review that reflects this attitude or “agenda” – anger and desire for some “getting even” – even though it was their initial mindset that triggered everything.
We continue by looking at something we often use and really take for granted. The places on the web we seek out to determine the effectiveness and veracity of some of our potential new choices. As an example, let's look at diets and how sites review them.
Atkins diet has been around for a long time and WebMD has a review that is less than favorable towards them. Why is that? Do they have an agenda or reason for this? Simply, yes, they have an agenda. On the same page is their an entire section on health and eating. Their collection of medical experts have their own version of “how to lose weight” and want people to read it so the site can make more ad money.
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