What is Your Income Goal? Job or Business?

Do you want to be the top of the salary board or middle of the entrepreneur scale?


It started this morning with an article on Glassdoor.com listing the top 25 job salaries and I was shocked. At the very top of the heap are doctors who earn an average of $180k per year. Ok, so you think that is a good income? Now consider that they have had to spend many years in their education and tend to work 60 to 80 hours per week. Compare that to the entrepreneur average (results from a search on Google):

Experienced – The top 50% of Entrepreneurs in the United States earn: $82.50 an hour $171,610 per year
Junior – The bottom 25% of Entrepreneurs in the United States earn: $53.18 an hour $110,610 per year
Starting – The bottom 10% of Entrepreneurs in the United States earn: $36.07 an hour $75,030 per year

Most of us work 30 to 50 hours per week, much less stress and our learning curve is significantly shorter than that of any sort of doctor.

This makes me wonder why there is not as much emphasis on teaching young people how to be their own boss instead of the litany of “go to college and get an education” – an education, in my never humble opinion, that will keep you poor and dependent on the whims of people who usually are not as smart as you. In the thirty some years I spent in various job situations, the number of bosses that I had who lacked common sense was far greater than the ones who fit into the “just good person to work for” and most of the bad ones also had similar types above them (read the book “The Peter Principle”).

How to Become an Entrepreneur

Start with just typing that in your Google box and see the results. There are a large number of people who have taken on the challenge of wanting to teach the path to being your own boss, some are better than others. Now you ask: how do I find the “better” ones? and the answer is to pick one and see if you like what they say. Then pick another one and see which message works better for you. Over the years I have learned from many and also taught many. There have been some that have made more sense to my wife than to me and visa versa. There have been a number of folks who like and continue to like our training and coaching and some who don't. One of the great things about being an entrepreneur is that you get to choose.