Tips for Evaluating a New Business and Being Successful

For the past several months I have been looking at and playing with a number of different businesses that are currently in vogue. Part of my reasoning was to find things to make more income – ranging from that “extra cash” thing that I call “chump change” to a real lifestyle level of money – that's when you can do what you want and live where you want and know there is an abundance of cash.

As a result of all my searching and seeking, I have distilled all the trials and tribulations down to some simple truths – ok, for me they are simple truths.

  1. You either pay with money or time for your results.
  2. There is a correlation between investment, time required AND reward.
  3. A simple plan included in the start-up instructions means more results for more people.
  4. All businesses require action.

The range of investments in business is from nothing to a fortune. Sometimes, the more you pay means that you get a guaranteed result and sometimes it means you've bought a garage full of products. Investigation is necessary to make sure the company is the fulfillment house and not you. Today's marketing techniques include whole countries and continents – for most electronic delivery of product, the world is open. Companies that have physical products to ship must be qualified for each country they do business in and be able to ship to addresses there. Advertising campaigns are in the same category. Free ads require much more time, effort and energy to maintain on a daily basis. Learn to be a marketer and business manager and do not let someone else do your business for you. Often times the title “broker” also includes the meaning of the word for the individual – if they could do, then they would.

Beware of promises of success. The world, and especially network marketing, is limited by percentages of potential success – EVERYONE CANNOT SUCCEED. This is an immutable law. It cannot be changed. The goal in life is to mitigate and not violate this rule. Ok .. big words – here's what I mean. The way to gain greater success is to color within the lines – just color all the pages. Success goes to those who “do the thing” and the ones who do a greater portion of whatever thing it is and do it more and more often will be the ones who get the result. Most people don't do it all and don't do it often enough. If you lay out a simple process:

  1. Generate a lead.
  2. Have a conversation.
  3. Invite or instruct them on to the process of gaining knowledge.
  4. Follow up.

I can absolutely guarantee that 80% of the people given this simple set of instructions will not complete all tasks. And I can also follow that same guarantee and say the everyone who does it all and does it often and DOES IT CONSISTENTLY will have the success they seek. I can say without reservation that in any opportunity I have ever participated or even the ones I didn't like that I looked at, following this set of instructions will result in success.

So, the next step in your search for the perfect business includes these considerations.

  • Do they have a set of instructions to follow?
  • Will you follow the instructions and do the thing?

That is the biggest hurdle for anyone and this is really getting down to the simplicity of success. It is “one-two punch” of mindset. Did THEY make a list of simple steps and will YOU follow the steps? And remember this – it is following the steps their way. We don't get to revise the instructions to suit our style or personality. As an example let's explore a cup of coffee – something almost everyone can understand simplistically. Your instructions are simple:

A cup of coffee, a little sweet and a little light.

Questions arise with this limited instruction:

What size cup?
Regular or decaffeinated?
Which sweetener and how many of each measure?
Which “lightener” and how much – milk, cream, dry or something else?

Here's a revised instruction:

A 24 ounce cup of the regular (hot coffee of the day in drip) – one packet of Spenda and one ounce of Half-n-Half.

Does the instruction set make a difference in this example? It takes the option of creativity out of the equation and provides a duplicatable product. Anyone and everyone CAN produce the same result.

Look for a business that has a set of instructions that anyone can follow and have the same product result.

Next is product or product mix. Choose a company that fits these criteria:

  1. A product or service you can and will believe in and use and recommend to everyone you know and even people you don't know.
  2. A product or service that has a broad appeal and demand.
  3. A product or service that is not easily available for less money.
  4. Choose something that fits within “common sense”and is not fantastic.

If you are not a “product of the product” in your business, then why would anyone ever buy from you or join your business? And if your first answer is about the money, then go and get a job and relearn the lesson about money in business – it takes money to make money. If the business you are in involves the standard array of most home based businesses, i.e. potions, lotions, pills, soaps or “books and tapes” then you had better be your own best customer.

Make sure you are, in fact, buying a product and not a membership or some other equally nebulous participation in a scheme. I am really hesitant to label anything a pyramid or scam because there are enough people in the world who will wave their hand around pointing at EVERYTHING and yelling scam or pyramid without either knowing what they are talking about or even really examining the thing they are mislabeling. I received an email a short while ago telling me I can transform a single ten dollar bill into an income of thousands per month – guaranteed. And, to make sure of my suppositions, I peeked at their web site – sure enough the ten-spot went to a membership and their plan was for me to do the same to others. No product. And, folks, no product means no legitimacy. Most of us have that common sense gene that tells us this is one to avoid. But many will fall for that “reasonable” aspect of their sales presentation.

I'm not sure there is a bottom line to this – be wary, but at the same time, have some faith in your own common sense – and don't fault any offer – it is only a scam if you give them your money and get nothing in return – it is not a scam to tell someone to send you money for nothing. Make sense?

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