Thoughts Mean Things

One of my favorite (among all the things I like) quotes is “what you think about, you bring about” and that's the topic for today … how we think. Changing how we think in tiny ways can virtually change your entire life.

I have heard it many different ways – whatever you focus on expands. My way is more like: “Whatever you focus on is what you get; negative or positive, so focus on the positive and you’ll bring more positive into your life.”

Now don't go thinking that I am always in a great mood and thinking positively or that just thinking positive will get you where you want to be. Negative thoughts creep up on all of us and the “trick” is to recognize them and not allow them to last so long. When we are focused, look out world. I believe with FOCUS we can achieve almost anything.

As a student of cosmology and quantum physics I know that everything in the Universe began with a single thought. Every great master (and every great scientist) has known this. The computers and tablets and paper and everything else we are using right now had to begin with a thought before they became reality. Nothing simply appears out of thin air.

Think about how wonderful inventions are. Have you ever seen the scraper for the restaurant tables for your crumbs, post-it pads, erasers, cameras, or toothpicks? Before that table scraper came out, didn’t you use your knife to clean off your table? I did and someone else did too. But guess what – they took action on their thoughts.

Do you see yourself as one of the “less than successful” people? The more you allow that in your head, the harder it will be to overcome any adversity and reach your potential. Begin by recognizing that anything you can imagine is possible. AND if someone else has already accomplished it, then the ease of your achievement becomes almost a “done deal” …

So, here's your homework lesson and some basic tools to get you started on your path to being bigger, better, smarter and more successful.

Pay attention to your mind and when you catch a “negative” coming up just think about it for a second. Imagine this example:

You head into the kitchen to pour yourself a beverage (cold, hot, adult or soft – it doesn't matter) and as you are pouring, you spill it all over the counter. Your first reaction is to berate yourself with something like: I'm such a dummy and I can't ever hit the glass with what I'm pouring.

Now, imagine instead: As you pour and spill you have a far different reaction with: That was not really what I wanted, but I'm getting better at this pouring and check out the pattern of that spill … isn't it a cool photo???

Do you see a difference in the two versions? One reinforces the negative and one turns it into a positive. Act in your daily life “as if” everything was fantastic. This basic attitude will assist you in keeping on a positive note and also assist in your “corrections” …

Everything that you have right now or anything that you are lacking in your life is a manifestation of your past and present thoughts, things you have focused on. Your thoughts and focus control your destiny. You are responsible.

If your past and present thinking has been:

I’m not good enough.
I’ll never have enough money.
I’m never going to amount to anything.

That's probably a good indication of your current lack of results and I can pretty much guarantee that: you’re struggling, you’re not good enough, you don’t have money, and you think you’ll never amount to anything. UNTIL NOW!!!!

Start today … START RIGHT NOW and begin to change that thought process. You are now on your way to a more conscious you. Congratulate yourself for making a start at change. You can now begin to reverse those negative thoughts that you have learned. And remember this – “There is no try, only do or not do … so get going and get into the DO.

Start by imagining all the things you never allowed yourself to “deserve” and see a new deserving you. The Universe awaits your requests, so enjoy and make it big.