The start of my perfect day

Going back to my concept that anyone can write and I had suggested the topic of “the perfect day” as a starting place, I'm going to put my money where my mouth is and do my “perfect” day.

In the beginning I recognized that perfection was a variable of my mood and so I invoke a few basic rules in my recounting.

  1. First rule is that I am not limited by all the rules of physics and can easily travel from one location to another in less than the blink of an eye – usually it is like going from one room to another and being in a far away place.
  2. Second rule is that I can have multiple experiences at the same time – again this depends on my mood – i.e. I could have a variable for a meal of a wide range of things – dished delivered magically to me from different parts of the world.
  3. Third rule is that I am not bound by rules.

I get to wake up naturally, this is a big deal … not by mechanical or even human interruptions to my dreams. And as I wake up the light is magically and gradually present (it is dark while I sleep). The other senses begin to kick in and I feel the wondrous texture of the bedding, the sounds of the birds and the breeze in the trees, aromas begin to present themselves to me – coffee … and I roll over to see my “honey” and greet the day with a smile.

Generally the next activity in my day is a trip to the “room” and my morning ablutions – I like hot water in massive quantities and soft fluffy towels and the rest is not for publication.

On to my office (home based means I have a proper office at home) and I stop along the way for my first cup of coffee – strong, with a splash of half-n-half (summer time here in Palm Springs also means iced coffee). I review the morning email, check the stats on web traffic on a few sites, see to any phone messages and thus begin my “work” day. Writing my EN blog is next on the list and I usually have “crime time on the radio” playing in the background.

My work day is usually under 5 hours and involves EN and a few other fun things. I've been in and around network marketing for a while. My first venture was with a certain soap company back in the '70s and most of the last nine years have been in business with my wife (we started that before we were married). Some of the things I do are:

Empower Network – /almostasecret.php?id=donsilver

ZeekRewards –

Mike Hobbs Easy Money –

AND a few affiliate programs to fill in the gaps (burning desire to know? just ask me).

In my perfect day, I don't work. All the things that I'm doing are now on “autopilot” and we have sufficient income (ya really wanna know what my magic income number is?) and the wake-up place could be anywhere in the world.

We like living by the beach and being able to hear the waves.
We like living in the mountains and having the clear blue sky experience and starry nights.
We like living in the “South of France” and being able to eat in their amazing restaurants.
We like living in Italy (great eats and history).

The day will continue … on another day.