The Luxury Vagabond Life and Lifestyle

It began by accident almost 4 years ago and is winding down “ish” – ok almost winding down. We were living in Napa, California and the rented house went into a short sale, thus moving was the only choice and there were no options. Most of our things went into storage and we relocated to Lake Tahoe to have a snow bunny winter (anyone anticipating the surprise there????). And we were surprised (go figure).

Botin Suckling Pig

The first snow was a nice dusting of about a foot of white – covered all the stuff on the attached back porch (about 35 feet above ground) and made it interesting to use the bbq. And it was a bit cold … and it covered the hilly streets … and it made going out an interesting game … and we played Scrabble and Monopoly a LOT.

And then the trip to Spain and Portugal came along in January and that was amazing. Eating the really great Serrano ham (jamon) and other amazing delicacies in Spain … and then … getting to Portugal (it was a great birthday trip) – learned about Port (I like Vintage) and finding that tiny town of suckling pig (about a mile of restaurants all doing the same dishes) –  Mealhada and staying at an amazing castle – Quinta das Lagrimas (read the history – fascinating) – drinking the wine in “The Altentejo Wine Region” and much more.

When we flew back to San Francisco the idea of staying for a week or two to “hang with Mom” was inviting (and the thought of cold wasn't – and we never went back to the snow).

We followed with a succession of apartments and rental houses – San Francisco for a while,  we did the summer  in Venice beach (15 houses in 10 weeks – there's a story). Hawaii, Mexico, Puerto Rico – more places than my memory allows and then back to SF.

We suddenly (ya think???) realized that to get warm we had to move to warm and the next move was down to Ensenada – and I still can't believe we were there for over a year, but that house on the beach (yes, our back patio was on the sand) made that a great time.

We've been back in the states for most of a year – a couple of months in the San Diego area and now in Palm Springs (can't beat the heat – nice to be warm). Business is on the rise for both of us and we are looking at a more permanent lease in this area.

Living that “it isn't my stuff” lifestyle has some benefits and some “not such a benefit” for us. When you are clearly detached from “things” you get a better sense of who you are and what you really desire. You also get to appreciate things more (don't we often take our stuff for granted?) and value the things you choose. In the end, I recommend this choice to anyone and everyone. As a “personal development” exercise, this was as good as I know.

Travel, change, learning, experiencing different people and cultures are all worth the effort.