The Ins and Outs of Change

When we manifest change we have to be ready for the change

There have been a few notable changes in our world of network marketing lately and we don't want to miss out on the opportunity to relish in the experience.  Consider for a moment how the actions of the folks at Facebook gave you the opportunity to experience the “what do you mean I can't post my EN blog postings?” or from last night the really shocking disappearance of ZeekRewards and all the bids, money and points. How we react is the determining factor in how we do and will deal with the changes in our lives. Change is inevitable and I believe that all change can result in a better condition, although we don't always see the bigger picture to see where we are going.

That Bigger Picture is not for Us to See

Do we always remember that our path often takes us on a journey where we don't get to see the big picture and that part of our growth is to be able to focus on our goals in spite of the stuff that is happening. There have been a lot of words written about manifesting change and some of them talk about wanting change or vibrations and, quite frankly, they are somewhat missing the point. Yes, we can focus and set goals and do all the “change stuff” and get a better outcome from our actions. But the really “interesting” or “fascinating” things that happen are mostly those things that we didn't expect or even imagine and the choices we make for our own growth after these “incidents” is the real fundamentals for change we all seek (of if we don't then we should be doing it).

Rules for Change

I have some rules for change that I occasionally share with others.

  1. Set goals that are beyond your current grasp.
  2. Focus on your goal.
  3. Know the things you know; know some of the things you don't know; realize there are things beyond what you know and don't know that you don't even know about.
  4. Don't worry about what you don't know, but learn more all the time.