That Amazing IMDb Application Thingie

A bit of informational stuff to start:

1. We live in Mexico south of Ensenada … expats and, truth be told, don't have a full grasp of the local patois (yes, we speak gringo … mostly English and the Spanish is with a massive gringo accent).

2. In Ensenada there are two movie theaters (Cinepolis) and we go because they play movies in English with the subtitles in Spanish.

3. I've been using the Android app for Cinepolis to see movie times and titles and then going to research the movie on the web.

Now we arrive at the meat. Looking at movies today I was on the Cinepolis app and Karla (she is the wife in this tale) was on her Ipad (we are a bifurcated household – she does Iphone/Ipad and I go ‘droid and like it better) on the IMDb app and she says they have a button for show times and links to the local area AND finds the movies in Ensenada.

Another amusing point was that I was verbally wishing for a link between the apps on my phone so that the movie could have a hot link of sorts to the other relevant apps on my phone … little did I know that it wasn't required in this instance and the IMDb folks came up with something that did the work of two (maybe more) apps …

So, movie viewers (in the theater ones) download and use the IMDb app on your smart phone … it will find the movies in your area and link to the review and complete info …

Don is happy in Mexico September 2011

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