SW to the Forth Power – Which Are You?

Some Will, Some Won't, So What, Someone's Waiting

In spite of all the motivation, ease of use, ease of doing, simplicity of instructions and so much more, there are still an amazingly large number of people who will not take action when presented with a great opportunity. Why is that, do you think? I ask the question, because knowing the answer – or even having an idea of the answer, will make things better in your business. And the why will lead to the solution.

The Solution Results in More Action

When you know the reason or solution to the inaction, then the inactive person will move – thus be in action. The most often reported reason for this inaction is the inability to break the steps down to small pieces. For some it is timing, where now is just not the right time – for some it never is.

Here is The Snag!

As a business professional you don't want to have to assist, train, motivate or hold hands with anyone who is not able to take action on their own.  Now, that really should be in bold and be about ten times larger so everyone will read it again and again. If you have ever read or hear the old saying that you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink, then you already have that basic information and knowledge.  There are so many more folks in the world that will respond to your marketing and advertising that anyone who has to be convinced or motivated is not worth your time, effort or energy.

Here is Your Solution

You be the one who is in action and lead from the front. Imagine life and business as a training ground for plowing massive fields using horse (or mule or oxen) drawn plows. And you are using a team of six to eight animals. Even without really understanding the process or the subtleties of this activity, you already know that you would have to pay total attention to the team and not be looking back to see how your students are fairing. And you would never give up driving your team to the end of the furrow.

Finally Making My Point

Business, life and everything else is a function of taking action if you want to be among the ones called successful. We just do it and keep doing it until we run out of things to do or find something else to do. We are – the doers and we are constantly seeking other doers to join our team or opportunity.

Be a doer and you will have the results you seek. Take the actions and receive the rewards.