Success or Lack of Success

How does it happen that two people take the same actions and appear to exert the same effort and still have massively different results? Good question, you might ask? Maybe the answer is as simple. Belief is the key to success. Starting with the belief that you CAN be successful and continuing along each step of the way towards that successful finish.

I was watching the Olympics today, a tennis match between Roger FEDERER (SUI) – Rafael AREVALO (ESA). This was an amazing sight to see between one of the very best in the world and one of the “not very best” in the world (and I do not mean to offer offense to Rafael, he is just not at the same level as Roger). As I watched the play, I wondered at the mindset of each. Did Roger go into the game with certain knowledge of a win and use it to assist a lesser player in his game (thus bringing up the level of play Rafael was capable of) or did he just play the “full out” method and destroy his opponent. In watching this match I got the sense that Roger was playing his serves in his “normal” way and making his best hits with the intention of winning. During the times he was on the receiving end he returned the ball with skill, but not with “kill” and allowed his opponent to make the range of “unforced errors” that would be commensurate with his level of play. So, it seems that Rafael came into the match KNOWING he was going to lose and was able to play without the pressure and even appeared to be enjoying his match with one of the best in the world.

How does all this relate to our success? Simple. Are we showing up knowing we are the best and always going to win or are we coming to play and thinking it is only a matter of time before we are “out of the game”. That simple shift in mindset is what can determine our success or lack of success (failure is the result of no longer taking action – not a lack of success). And if the premise is correct, then how can we adopt the mindset of success so that we can be as successful as we desire?

Take your first step by finding someone who is having success and know that “if they can do it so can I” (even if you think you cannot do what they are doing, begin the process by just “buying” the idea that you can do anything someone else can do).

Take advantage of every instance in your daily life that you can call a success and beging to acknowledge them. Include all the “mundane” things you do, from successfully waking up, successfully getting out of bed, successfully getting dressed … and so on. Also, take advange of things you might have called “failures” in the past like “I successfully managed to spill my coffee on myself today”. And please include a good sense of humor in this activity (another thing for some to be successful at).

Enjoy the things you do and do the things you enjoy. If your life is filled with things you have not enjoyed in the past, then find a way to make each more pleasurable. An example could be having a job that keeps you away from your family and knowing that you only have to do this for another fifteen years and then you can retire.

Be – Do – Have. Simply, be the person who has success. Do the same things that person does. You WILL have to results.

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