Start With a Plan and Success is Much Closer Than Failure

One of the big things in life that I do not believe in is failure. I believe there is either success or quitting. And while it is not always a bad thing to quit, the end result is the same. So, if you are going to succeed, then the first thing you absolutely require is a plan. Even before you have picked the thing or business you are going to participate in – START WITH A PLAN.

This initial plan will lay a great foundation for your future and will also be a living thing which will grow and change as you grow and change and adapt your business.

Your initial plan is going to be about time and money. How much time you are going to spend in all the activities in your life and how much money will be divided between your existing life and your new business. Everything will require a budget. Living expenses, life expenses and business expenses. Your non-business state will determine how much available capital you have for business.

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