Sometimes you just have to be uncomfortable to get ahead.

Almost four years ago I wrote a think piece about getting results by getting uncomfortable and when I was reading again I realized that it was worth a repeat post, so here it is:

We often talk about taking different actions to create a different result or outcome. How many of us fail to see the bigger picture and miss out on results because we only change one tiny aspect of our actions? What I mean is to change many things in our daily routine and therefore have a different lifestyle.

What do I mean? We usually wake up at around the same time and in the same manner – some of wake “naturally” (no alarm or other external devices) and follow the same morning ritural – (off to the “room” and get dressed in some fashion – workout clothes for me). Have our coffee, check our email, morning phone calls … et al. We can look back from day to day and week to week and see a pattern of “sameness” – not just similarity. If we only change the business activity by doing more or differently, we are not really changing much.

My call to action is to create a different life. When we moved to Truckee from Napa we changed our geographic location and this gave us a number of different experiences outside the house. It also gave us a few inside the house changes – furnished house eliminated the familiarity of our furniture – cooking at a higher altitude (6500 ft instead of sea level). How many more changes are there for me/us to make in this new location? The answer is unlimited. Because of listening to Dr Joe Dispenza ( I now get up a little earlier and are much more focussed in my visualization. Included is an entire workout (totally in my mind) that has resulted in some physical improvements.

Simple steps to follow:

1. Change Your Daily Routine. Wake up earlier and spend an hour or two in focussed “meditation” – what that means is to visualize yourself with all the things you want in your life. Include your physical appearance and physical “condition” to this. I spend about 20 minutes of my time doing a complete workout in my visualization. The results are astounding (ok – I really expected them).

2. Change Your Schedule. If you want a different result, then you must take different actions. One simple change is to do things at different times of the day than before. This will make you uncomfortable and will gain you the result you desire.

3. Make Life a Game. See yourself as the winner. Pick “prizes” for yourself. Keep in mind that a prize is something that will cost real money. Not just being “even” because that is not creating wealth in your mind.

4. Create a Vision Board. Photos of all the prizes in your game can be obtained on the web in many places. Search for the things you want and put a photo on your wall.

5. Set Goals and Play to Win. Or as Nike said many years ago in their commercials – Just Do It!

The greatest results usually go to the one who pushed themselves the hardest, so go out and get uncomfortable.