Smarter is Usually Not Harder

Amusing article for today … made me laugh when I wrote it. 

How many of us grew up with the litany of “hard work is the key to success” or something like it? It flowed through my “formative” years like it was golden. Add the “get a degree” concept and you have the reason that many people find challenge in moving from worker to entrepreneur.
“Entrepreneurs do NOT work harder and many do not have college degrees. How is that possible?
“The solution for many is not in the simplicity of the answer, but in their ability to intuitively know which path to take and who to listen to. Our society is so inundated with conflicting information and instructions that it is no wonder we often cannot make up our own mind.
“We have been marketed to and advertised to at an astonishing rate and given so many mixed messages that the truth is not always the truth. The science of advertising tells us that any celebrity endorsement makes the message from an ad into the absolute truth.
“TV takes it to a higher extreme because we can now add the concept of “I saw it on TV, so it MUST be the truth”. In spite of the fact that most of what we see on TV is opinion and usually closer to the “untruth” than truth – and we BELIEVE ‘blindly.
“Next on the list are sales professionals – you know, used car salesmen who can sell anything to anyone.
“What ever happened to personal responsibility? Where did it become someone else’s job to make sure we weren’t sold something we didn’t want or require? Why are we not taught the basics of “how to say NO to a stupid offer” in school? “Instead of the continuous lessons of the “get a degree” – “go to college” – “get a good job” that only make more sheep that will follow, instead of lessons to build the leaders we all could be?
“I think we open ourselves up to the “flimflammers” because we are so inured by society that we are not responsible for our actions and if someone were to “scam” us, then we just have legal recourse instead of “engaging brain” and seeing if what we are being sold is of value or even is of interest to us. And to top it off, we label everything we don’t like as a “scam” and muddy the water for others who then are either really scammed or miss out on things they would/could/should do for themselves.
“The unfortunate question remains of “how do we unlearn and let go of the bad habits?” and really become discriminating to our advantage? Is it possible for the majority to become less “wolf-crier-ish” and more careful about what we call “evil in the world” so the truly naïve can have the advantage of choosing more and thus becoming less naïve and more capable of decisions on their own?
“Imagine how much less junk email there would be if we stopped passing along the false warnings of fraud, scam and hoax UNLESS we go and do our own research to see if someone has either officially labeled them as bad or vetted them as a red herring. What would our day be without the endless copies of Nigerian email scams and all the variations, simply because people would be able to identify the valid business ideas that are promoted by email and not simply “flag” everything as bad.
“And then I wake up from my dream and realize that a world without scams is too far in the future to even worry about what it might be like. For me, right now, business is booming and life is bountiful. The rest??? The universe will sort it out for me.”
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