Simple Things to Add to your Following


As home based entrepreneurs we have as one of our main functions to increase the size of our business/team/list/following. And often times we miss out on simple opportunities to leverage our results with some of the simplest tools available (and did I mention the cost was AWESOME – free) just takes some time to set up and a few minutes to execute.

How easy these sites are you use is mind blowing. Twitter, as one example, is a place to type simple statements (and my caveat in most things of this nature is to make sure to avoid the evil 3 – politics, religion and sex) keeping away from things of a provocative or polarizing nature as that domain is better left to those with more experience (there are ways to do it without alienating too many).

Start small and build it as you learn to be more effective. Make friends on social networking sites like Facebook. Do not see this as an opportunity to post links to your opportunity/business, instead use it to build social media friends. Share your hobbies and activities. This blog, as is much of what I do, is a social media tool and by following me you also have the opportunity to follow me in other forums and find out more about my business.