Show Me the Money

We live in interesting times … and that is also a famous quote … the fact is that there is a great deal of economic turmoil and transition going in the the world. Some of it shows up as property values in the US in a “decline” – and yes, I laughed when I typed that word. It also shows up in the employment numbers in various areas and countries and the relative standard of living that causes.

One of the other indicators I see is the transition for many people from being employees to “something akin to business owners” – they are not all ready to make that transition and look at opportunities as an employee instead of an employer or business owner … and there is a huge difference.

While I am not using this article to make a “pitch” to join my business, I want to use my experience as a foundation and provide some information that might assist others in their transition. There is a difference in how we look at economics when we move from employee to business owner or on to entrepreneur.

I have not counted the number of times over the past several years where someone who has looked at an opportunity has made a statement along the lines of “I won't pay for a job” – instead of seeing the costs of a business as expenses and capital investment. Believe me when I say very clearly, I WILL NEVER PAY FOR A JOB. On the other hand I know that, as an entrepreneur, there WILL be ongoing expenses of business and SOME KIND OF CAPITAL INVESTMENT. I do not know of any business model that would allow me (or anyone else) to have any significant income without it.

Why, then, are so many people “sideways” in their thinking. Aha … the crux of the issue presents itself. We are inundated with “intentioned” information providers (some good and some self-serving) with all manner of conflict messages.

We have the “semi-well intentioned” do-gooders saying that anyone who asks you for money MUST be a scam. Perhaps they require a refresher in basic business management (or going for the first lesson) – all legitimate businesses take money, time and effort. I don't know of any exceptions to this.

We have the “self-serving” messages telling us that “program a” is a scam or invalidating it in some other way – they know this because their “program b” is the one that really works and has all the integrity and ethics to back it up (which we know is not the case – their message is self-serving and not of integrity or ethics.

We have the myriads of “talking heads” who repeat the mixed, missing and erroneous messages that were given to them by those with self-serving interests.

And finally we have the few, proud, brave and intrepid who dare to tell the truth without seeking a reward or other apparent benefit. They are looked at with trepidation, because we all know there must be a reason to provide information … either commercial or self-serving. Why else would anyone do it?


Go figure that one out. Here's another simple truth .. I want everyone to be as successful as they can imagine. You don't have to be in my company or on my team, just be the best you can be at what you do and instill in others that same spirit.

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