Reviewers – Park Your Biases at the Door

Like many, I read product reviews on the variety of technical websites that I “frequent” and I've noticed something that has really gotten my back up. The reviews are, depending on the product being reviewed, being written by individuals with way too much bias.

To give you an example, I am in the market for a tablet computer. I do not want an IPad (yes, my bias) and I would like to have the latest and greatest Android OS and a few “options” that I think are important. It seems there is/might be a candidate on the market that fits my particularity and has the things “Don wants” – the new Thrive from Toshiba. Now, I don't want to seem like I am promoting this and have a “connection” and a “reward” on the back end. It looks, to me, like a good product and has the things I want. 32Mb memory, USB ports, SD slots, HDMI out AND it is Bluetooth 3.0 (another “Don want”). Not going to list all the options here, if you want to find out then go and compare for yourself.

The review I read solidly slammed all the things about it that I like and so I started to look at the reviewer's “creds” to see what the issue was. Ok, here's the story: he doesn't like Android – at all, and he only really likes things with the “gravity fruit” logo on them.

So why do I have to read his opinion as if it meant something? Isn't the point of a review to provide value and information to others who are looking for “reasons to buy” or “reasons not to buy” and not get a real review based on the merits of the device being reviewed? How can I, as a consumer, seek out information on things and not have to “read between the lines” or dive into the reviewer's biases to see if the article is even worth a glace.

There is a huge difference between consumer reviews of products and “so-called” professional journalists reviews and maybe it is time for some of the “supposed” techies who write to take a look at what they write and clean up their acts. Anyone disagree?

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