Referrals Will Make You Rich

In Any Business, Referrals are the Key to Success

ask for a referral How often have you missed on new customers or left money on the table with your existing ones just because you forgot or neglected to ask for a referral? And it is such an easy thing to do.


Tips for Getting Referrals

  1. Simply ask.
  2. Have a form for all customers asking for feedback and referrals.
  3. Use Thank You cards with discount coupons for referrals.
  4. Make it a game to see who has the most.
  5. Be referable!!!
  6. Add a line to your email signature: Referrals Appreciated
  7. Create a web form for referrals.
  8. Give referrals.

Make it part of your routine to add more ways to get referrals into your business. As you develop the new habits they will become a natural part of your routine and then you will see an increase in your results.

It Doesn't Have to Feel Like Begging

Part of the reason that we often neglect the referral side of business is that we have an unwarranted feeling of “begging” instead of a confident feeling of deserving more customers. The actions and thoughts required for an effective referral system will make you  a more confident business owner and a more successful entrepreneur, simply because you will become part of the minority that can comfortably ask for a referral.

I recommend making a game, at least in your mind, of asking for referrals. And remember that most successful people have a record number of “misses” before they achieved their record number of “hits”… Start asking today.