Are You Ready for It?

Sometimes I am amused and sometimes I am frustrated at the way people operate and more often seemingly “mis-operate” their own businesses. Over the last couple of  decades I have added my MBA to my credentials and some other “non-lettered” degrees in business and life. Being a business consultant and eagerly wanting to assist those who are struggling with their business I have encountered some very smart people and some who have a management style that would baffle the most patient individual  you can imagine. How is it that they can engage someone to give them advice and then either totally ignore it or, in a few – or  more than a few – cases do the opposite.

Now, I have a few “rules of business” and one is that I follow my own instincts – AFTER taking counsel from those who know. It just makes my head hurt (I even laughed as I typed that).

I created a short video with some rules or guidelines to go by … see if it makes your life any better.