Perspective is the relationship of what we see and where we see it. This applies to visual things and also shows up in our thinking. Challenges in life have the biggest reflection of perspective. We do not always deal or face the difficult choices and decisions because we constantly want to see them as far away and tiny instead of dealing head-on.

Largest among these interesting situations are when we are faced with medical or physical issues that limit our ability to do the things we are used to doing or having to make new decisions based on our inability to do what we think we want to do (we can also call this circumstances showing up in our face).

Most obvious in our society are the people who, through their circumstances, wind up missing one or more of their extremities or just losing the use of them. While it is not, necessarily, life threatening it is very much life limiting …. if they allow the limit.

Some of us face these interesting times with medical issues that are not clearly visible to others – like having cancer of one variety or another. Modern medicine and science has given many of us the tools to “beat back the beast” and make the decision that “this will not be the end of me” … not always as easy as it may sound to do.

I have chosen to follow the “humor” path with the things I get to deal with. Wondering what is my “perspective creator”???? I have two kinds of cancer – one is very low level and the other is “not so” low level. And just to set your mind(s) at ease, with the treatment plan laid out for me I will be as good as I was in less than six months.

The biggest “issue” I face is that one of the huge side effects of what I have is anemia – imagine waking up in the morning and knowing that is the most energetic I will feel all day and that I will use that up in a few short hours. Prognosis, however, is that “this too shall pass” and I will, once again, be back in the gym at my old energetic levels. It is, after all, all about THE PERSPECTIVE!