My perfect day continues

I had reached that point in describing my perfect day where I was awake and ready for activities. I also covered my current morning activities including work and mentioned the desire for no more work and much more play, so let's continue playing and consider the “good eats” that we have and will enjoy.

Imagine waking up in our French getaway place. We are located in the hills overlooking the area around Cannes and can hear the birds and smell the flowers (we are close to the perfume industry's flower gardens). Coffee is from a press pot and our morning repast includes a small quiche (I like the ones they do in Alsace). Lunch today will be at an amazing place called Le Bacon and is on the Mediterranean near Antibes. If you are a proper gourmand, then this is a must go to for their bouillabaisse. Served in the traditional manner, the perfectly cooked fish pieces are placed gently in the dish and the most amazing “soup” is poured over the top. There are croutons and a delicious aioli complete the dish.

at Le Bacon in Antibes

This is the Bouillabaisse

I occasionally wonder at all the magnificent things I've eaten in all the varied places I've been in the world and deliciously anticipate the encounters to come. What kind of place will deliver a seafood spread like the one we had in Australia on the Great Barrier Reef (Lizard Island) – where we shared enough tasty denizens to feed 6 people. Painted lobster and other amazing crustaceans. Barramundi and bugs and octopus and crabs and more.

Most of the more memorable meals have been seafood. It has been an interesting thing to note. And the most expensive meal was also seafood (Bartalotta restaurant in Las Vegas).