Massive Power is Available to All

Every weekday morning I get a short email from “the Universe” – a service I subscribe to that has a daily message. Today's is one I wanted to share because it is so amazingly powerful and part of how I think.

The quote:

All you have to do is think about what you want often enough that you start talking about it and moving with it, even if you have to fake it.

Your job is simple. Even if you only “attempt” to do it, you will have done it. The slightest effort on your side is leveraged 10,000 times on my side. A nod, a wink, a whisper are sometimes all I need; a demonstration that breaks the ice, beginning a domino effect of happy “accidents” and “coincidences.”

If you do this, I'll do the rest. It is that easy. I am that powerful. Life is that magical.

Thinking of your smile, The Universe

As you read it, realize the simplicity of this and how much you can have and create in your own life. The only limits to what you can have or are able to achieve are self imposed.

Do you want to be happy? Just have that flashing moment of thinking about being happy and the process begins.

Do you want wealth and abundance in your life? Yours to realize.

There is an abundance of abundance for all of us. It isn't a tiny container that can only hold so much and then is gone. Wealth is ever increasing as more resources are discovered and created.

Be bold and imagine all you can imagine.

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