Isn’t That Interesting?

I posted some thoughts about being an entrepreneur and looking for business ideas a few days ago. The reply that I received was from someone who can only see scams and traps in everything. How is it possible in these United States in this 21st Century that there are so many people who want everyone to live within the same limits they place on their own capabilities? My Universe has anyone and everyone being able to think, create and live as large as they can imagine themselves being, doing and having. And yet, I am somehow guilty of something criminal by not doing everything their way.

The really funny part is that the path I follow works for me and anyone who is willing to get out of their own way and take massive action towards success. I'm pretty sure my “critic” cannot make the same claim. What is my real crime? I require people who are interested in the business opportunity that I participate in to “follow” the system. Part of that system is that, to me, amusing function of a web site that gives little information about the opportunity. The intended purpose of this step is to weed out the impatient ones and makes it so the serious inquiries are the ones I get to talk to (and they get to talk to me).

I was reading an article in the news last week that pointed out that most of the people who are happy in the US are the ones who recognize that anyone can achieve success and the ones who are the most unhappy are the ones who think that if someone else is more successful than they are it is unfair.

My “fairness” doctrine says that anyone can play at my level or higher and I applaud anyone who succeeds.Wonder what kind of silly response I'll get this week.

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