Is Your Head in Your Game?

Being in business means, among other things, knowing whether your head is in the game or off somewhere else. And there are tools to assist you in keeping “your head in the game”. As a student of personal development and having been a leader in our industry (Internet marketing is an industry),  I have been sometimes faced with the big question of “ok, how do I get that positive mindset that everyone says is so essential?” and today I want to explore some solutions.

The start is to recognize the steps to take and I will start with the final result first. Our “goal” is to be able to visualize our success at any time and in any place. Goals are a very important facet of visualizing success. To achieve this result we require a list of things we desire and a list of how we want our lives to appear. To this end we must first create a wish list of things.

Not sure what you want or even how you want to live? Then get a stack of magazines about lifestyle (Robb Report is one) and start cutting out pictures of things that look interesting. As you create your stack of photos there will be things that appeal to you more than others. Create a vision board with the photos that display the best of the things that appeal to you (use 20 to 50 photos or even more).

For some people the next step will be critical. See yourself in the photos – either you can add photos of you to each little segment on your vision board or just “see” it in your mind. Both ways work and only you can determine which one you choose. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP BECAUSE IT MIGHT BE DIFFICULT.

Next step is easier. Look at your vision board every day for five minutes out of every hour. Seems like a lot? Do it anyway. And remember to turn off any noise in your room – no radio, tv, phone or family while you do this. Concentrate on seeing yourself in the items/places in your photos. Practice this every day for a month.

Voila – you can now make a new vision board and also visualize at the drop of a hat. Congratulations on your new ability.

Read books and listen to empowering audios – Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, names too numerous to mention (or list). Fill your head with positive info and the negative won't have any place to live.

Be successful.