Is the Difference One of Perception or Reality?

Over the years the nature of business has changed from “brick and mortar” as the ONLY thing to a mix of physical and internet based business. And in my six decades I have participated in all of the manifestations, from both sides – employee and business owner. There are a few things that have not changed and I’d go so far as to say “will never change” and that is the fact that systems work. It is not about a brand or individual at the top, but the underlying system that makes the longevity and allows more and more of the participants to achieve the elusive success.
Facts we all know:

  • We live in an 80/20 world.
    • 80 percent of any group carries the load and 20 percent enjoys the rewards
    • The intention, desire or goal of any of the 80 per-centers is to move to the other side and see some of the rewards.
  • Distractions are the culprit.
    • Too many people offering their version of help.
    • Negative media reporting negative factoids.
    • Ego in control instead of common sense.
    • Lack of common sense.
    • Other crabs in the bucket pulling us down.
  • Falling into the trap of “wanting it more for others than the others want it for themselves” is another.
  • Following the wrong set of instructions.
    • Listening to another struggler.
    • Forgetting to stick to the system.
    • Reinterpreting instructions and making errors in judgment.
  • Not paying attention to goals or not setting goals in the first place.
    • Use SMART goal plan.
    • Review many times a day.
    • Focus on the “what and not the how”.

How do we find the solution and make the transition from the strugglers to the winners? Stop listening to other strugglers is the beginning. Make sure the person who is teaching you is the one having the result or go up the chain until you find the person who is having success. When you are getting it straight from the horse’s mouth, you are getting the proper instructions. Remember the childhood game of whispering a secret in a circle.
The bottom line is always going to be about the choices we make. For some of us it is as simple as beginning to choose success over failure. For others, it is improving the quality of the advice we take and the choices we make. For some, it is about making the choices and not letting their fear or discomfort stop them from achieving anything.

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