I Absolutely Like the Olympics – Here’s Why.

One of the great things about the Olympics is that it defines “excellence” and brings individuals (ok and teams) from all over the world to one place (can we call it an area or region?) and they all do their best to excel in the “thing they do” … and some are awarded a gold medal, signifying they are the best on that day in that place.

Funny how that doesn't quite measure up to the picture in my mind of how I see it.

I watched a guy from Guatemala doing a 20 mile walk race come in second and know that his country will make sure he is taken care of for life (he won the first medal EVER for Guatemala).

I watched a series of weight lifters set new records for themselves, for the Olympics and some for the world. And all of them had that feeling of excellence.

I've watched so many amazing athletes in so many sports doing their best to demonstrate their ability to be among the best of the world.

They all deserve the ultimate in our respect, appreciation, honor, awe and our enthusiastic support for their efforts and dedication.