How I came to be here

That is probably the most asked question I have ever heard. What got me started in this or any other opportunity I've ever been involved with? Without going back through the forty plus years of my employment life, I found myself in modern network marketing (defined by me as Internet based business) with my wife over eight years ago.

We joined a company that had high ticket personal development products and was based on the direct sales mode of network marketing. This was simply a case of a sale of a product made the seller the money and included no residuals or levels. Rising to a point near the top of the heap I also learned a great deal about mentoring and “showing the way”  and found out that I liked being the “guy on stage” and being in demand.

Next was the evolution of my life when that company disintegrated and I was in search of “the next thing” for Don to do. I discovered things that I liked that didn't make me/us any money and saw that there was a pile of money on the table for anyone who could figure that “pick up the cash” part.

As a result of  the learning curve I put myself on I also found that some people could explain things and others could not. And I was part of the “able to explain” group. I also had a realization that blindly following someone was not the solution I had to understand things.

I understand this simplistic system called the empower network. You just write your blog entries daily and it works. And for those of us who are able to put “words on paper” it is very easy. The next thought that most have at that statement is “what about the rest who don't seem to be able to “put words on paper”??? And there, for all to realize is the magic. EVERYONE can put words on paper. For most it is simply a choice to switch your mind from “I can't” to “I can” and just do it. Writing is as easy as you can imagine it to be.

Still not convinced? Ok … here's a test for you. Tell the story of your ideal day – start with thinking about how you wake up and the first conscious thoughts of the day and continue with all the actions you take in getting up, dressed, fed, washed and anything else you do to start that first hour. Continue on to your desk (either at home or in an job) and tell how you would like it to be (doesn't have to be what you have). I also invite you to take my “exceptional rule” and be able to move from location to location as easy as moving from a room to another room. (Leaving the bedroom and winding up in another country is fun.) Include the people you would like to spend the time with and how they act.

As you describe all these events you will discover the writer in you and will begin to enjoy the process. That is how I came to be here. See you tomorrow.