HOW he got 34,003 Paid Customers HIS FIRST 7 months…

This was posted by David Wood earlier this week.

I’m excited to write this post…


Because about 5 minutes ago, we just passed 34,003 PAID customers…

…in just over 7 months.

Our growth is about to get… gnarly

Here’s the best part, though:

What you’re looking at on the right, is a snap shot taken just now (July 8th, 5:14pm Central America Time) of the TOTAL earnings from our top 25 affiliates since our launch, on October 31st, 2011.

Important Disclaimer: Just because ALL of our top 25 earners made MORE THAN $52,000 in just 7 short months, doesn’t mean that you’ll make that much money, too. We update our LIVE average earnings stats every 24 hours, and you can see them by clicking here.

What’s the best part of that photo? I’ve been in companies with 250,000 reps that didn’t have their top 25 people earning that much every 7 months…

…that have been around for FIVE YEARS.

That’s not just good – that’s remarkable.


…it’s about to get ‘gnarly‘.

Why? Because although we are growing already by more than 45% each month…

…over the past 30 days, we’ve acquired a kind of social proof, credibility, and authority that when we launched… we didn’t have.

See, this company didn’t start with angel investors, 10 ‘super Gurus‘ or $5 million dollars of startup cash.




What did we have, though…

…was one big ass dream, a cool as hell product line, and the most badass group of dreamers that have ever been alive.

Here’s a photo of us, in the sweaty hotel room in Orlando where we first shared the vision of WHERE we’re going to go:

Lol. That’s right, we launched an internet company in a hotel meeting…

…with a bunch of newbies, and PART TIME marketers.

Here’s the funny thing, though…

…it wasn’t even an ‘ACTUAL’ hotel meeting – it was in a hotel room! We didn’t even have a whiteboard stand, or an eraser! LOL!

The result?

34,003 paid customers in the next 7 months, and more than 25 six figure income earners.

We did it all with no investors, no credibility, no help from ‘the Gurus‘ and MASSIVE initial roadblocks that would have put most companies out of business.

Since then, we’ve invested around $300,000 in the technology that runs our products, built a corporate office from the ground up in St. Petersburg, Florida, fixed the infrastructure issues that caused us some pain in the beginning, and created a scalable way to pay people…

…all over the world.

We launched our first ‘affiliate only‘ event, with no sales video, no launch process, with a hard to find ‘buy now’ button hidden deep in the members area…

…and 1,250 people showed up, signed NDA’s, and learned how to build a MILLION dollar empire in Empower Network.

Here’s a picture of me, onstage, in front of 1,250 people in Atlanta:

In short:



And now, you and I have a magic that we’ve never had:

And I’ve seen the magic at work…

…the last 4 weeks, we’ve had more people with PROVEN leadership skills join Empower Network, than we did in the previous six months.

I’m not talking about people that have the ABILITY to become leaders – I’m talking about people that know how to move armies already.

…you probably feel it.

It’s coming.

And we’re going to kick it off, with the most badass affiliate contest you’ve ever been a part of…

…even better than when we paid Mack $12,000 on stage in Atlanta:

Lol. Doesn’t that video just make you want to get in? You can click here, and do that now. (only $25 to start – see this video)

…the details will be announced on Monday Night’s call, at 9pm EST

Here’s the call in details:

Dial in number: (712) 432-0900
Secret Code: 260326

See, when we launched, we had a beautiful idea.

And THE PEOPLE loved it.

The ‘Gurus‘ criticized it.

Industry leaders sat back…


“Will these guys pull this shit off?”

Now… they’re seeing what I’m seeing:

People are making more money here, with less production, than they ever have in their LIVES.

It’s your turn now.
Get on Monday night’s call – we’re releasing the details of the most badass contest that you’ve ever been a part of in your life.

The best part?


What we’re releasing tomorrow night…

…is just the start.

The start of a new beginning.

A new beginning, where…

…by the end of this year – we will have 34,003 new customers buying…


…by the end of this year – we will be producing 25 six figure earners…

…every 30 days.

…by the end of this year – we WILL be in the top 100 most trafficked websites online – PERIOD.


Because… the world has been through billions of years of change – evolution, creation, whatever it is…

…thousands of generations of human beings have been born, died, and MILLIONS of years of genetic sculpting has just produced…

…the MOST badass generation of human beings that have ever walked the earth.


Your parents, your grandparents, and your ancestors did NOT fight through life, have the best of who they are fight for life, passed through a thousand generations of birth and death to produce a damned wussy.

In Short:

It’s YOUR TURN now.
YOU are the best of history…

Tomorrow night, we unleash the birth of a new breed of winners. Tomorrow night, we lift the game to a whole new level.

Be there.



…get your butt to San Diego.

-David Wood
“The Guru Slayer”

Evidence of success? I would say so … take a page from him and all the others and make it happen for yourself.