Everything Means Everything

Take All The Steps to Success

There are no shortcuts or ways to avoid all the steps necessary to be successful. Much like climbing a staircase, your steps to success will involve everything that must be accomplished and not just the things you think are fun or easy. We often neglect the difficult tasks, even though they are part of our staircase to success.

This is not dependent on what business model you follow or even whether you are an employee or entrepreneur.

Shortcuts to Completion Do Not Work

Sorry, there is no easy way to get around the things you don't like to do.

Let's examine a simple scenario where you are engaged in a business where you must communicate with others – superiors, peers, workforce or customers – it doesn't matter which level. The task is to communicate and you don't think you can or like to. How effective would you be in this situation? If the required announcement was lunch? How about if the required communication was to explain the products that you or your company has for sale? Did your answer change? If it did, then you are capable of that communication and don't like it. How can you be effective if you only do what you like and not do what you don't like?

Make Lists of All the Tasks

By making a list, you can establish a pattern of accomplishment and you might be able to schedule the tasks according to their individual “fun factor” and be more complete in your projects. You could alternate the fun activities with the less desired activities and therefor reward yourself for taking those actions.

Another advantage of making lists is that they tend to keep you on track – or make it easier for you to keep on track.

The Bottom Line

In the end you must remember that it is up to you to do all the steps required for you to reach your goal and not just those you enjoy or find to be easy. Take action and be bold and enjoy your success.