Empower Network Marketing Tools

I've seen a number of different marketing tools and “tricks” that we all have access to, but not all of them reside in one place. So, here and now, is my compilation (and I'll update this posting over time to include any new ones I find).


There are a few different pages that you can customize for use in autoresponders (you might want to change the user name from mine to yours).





You can also add


to the end of http://www.empowernetwork.com OR any of the posts that appear on the main blog page.  That way, you can send traffic to David and David's articles and posts….but all the banner ads on that page are coded with YOUR affiliate ID.

The guys will always show you how.

Blogging Tips

And don't forget to add the appropriate information when you do your blogging so you get the “max seo effect” from your efforts.

  1. Put your keyword in the post title & the url title.
  2. Put your keyword in the H1, H2 & H3 tags.
  3. Insert a picture with your keyword in the alt description of the pic.
  4. Make sure your keyword density is about 2-3% and your content is at least 450 words long.
  5. Put an internal link to another page on your blog.
  6. Put your keyword in the 1st and last paragraphs.
  7. Make sure to underline, bold and italicize your keyword 1 time throughout your post.

Find more information about how to maximize your blog by searching on the web for “blog seo tips” – and visit this site to see her recommendations for bloggers.

And one final thought for today. Some of us don't always have or make time to do “daily blogging” so on the days you do have the time or “whim” to do it, then add several and set the publishing time to have each posting be published on a successive date. That way you can work 3 or 4 days ahead and know that all you really have to do is to login and make sure that day's posting is published on time. Maybe set aside some weekend time to do all your postings for the week. You can write about almost anything just do it … be creative and even “borrow” content from others and add your own comments.

“You can schedule blog posts to automatically publish themselves at any time in the future. If you want to remove an already published post and automatically republish it at a specific time/date in the future, the directions are the same:

“In the Publish module to the right of the post editor, click the blue Edit link next to Publish immediately.”

More of the “how to” is found on the WordPress site at http://en.support.wordpress.com/posts/schedule-a-post/