You Drink Wines – From Where???

Wines of South Africa

South Africa is one of the few countries across the world that has quite a large quantity of different wines. Traced back to as long as 7000 years ago, winemaking in the region has always been considered as quite an intricate and daunting task that locals seem to have perfected. Winemaking started way back 6000B.C. in Persia, and from thereon, it spread to Egypt and other nations in the continent. For South Africa, the story of wines can be dated back to 1659. At that time, a vineyard in the city of Cape Town became renowned as one of the producers of the best wines in the world.

Origin Based Wines

In 1973, the South African government created a legislation that defined the different wine regions in the country. Each division will be defined based on the size of the location where these wines are quite popularly found on. Typically, these are grouped under the Geographical Units, the Regions, Districts and the Wards. A recent area or province in the country that has seen the rise of wines is the Eastern Cape. Several regions and divisions of the wine country have reached prominence across the world.

Constantia is one of the WO or Wine Origins of South Africa. Typically, this location is considered as an area that is categorized only as a ward. With over 750 hectares of vineyard, the grapes of the WO have been used to create wines such as Sauvignon Blanc. Stellenbosch is another of the more popular wine regions in the country. It is also considered as the second oldest WO after Constantia. Around 14 percent of the country’s production in wine is created here. Under this area are seven other wards for wine creation, and some of these are Bottelary, Jonkershoek Valley, and Simonsberg Stellenbosch.

Variety for the Wines

Winemaking has been considered to be diverse in the country as there are plenty of categories and variations being created and produced. Most experts claim that the country represents a hybrid kind of winemaking as it is a mix of both Old World Production and the New World. Cape Port wines are generally one of the more famed versions found in the market. The Cape Port White Wines are made from varieties of grapes, and the wine is often required to be aged for at least six months inside wood barrels to get the best flavors.

Cape Ruby is another variation from the area, and this is considered to come with the mix of fruity and fully bodied wines that have again been aged for around six months. Other popular famed wines from this variety include the Cape Tawny, Cape Late Bottled Vintage, and the Reserve.

Red wine is also quite a popular wine product from South Africa, and these are considered as one of the rarest wine produce from the country. Shiraz wines from the area of Syrah are quite in demand in the market. In fact, the vast plantations in the region have seen quite a significant increase by as much as 9.7 percent by 2007 from 1995. Other popular red wines from the country include Pinot Noir, Pinotage Wines, Bordaux Wines, and Merlot.