Don’t Pay for Free Stuff by Don Silver

More and more lately, I have been seeing postings in different social networking sites that offer the “opportunity” to pay someone to learn how to do something simple. The range of these offerings includes “howto’s” in the amazingly easy use of social networks to expand your business and “lead generation” in a variety of methods.
Let me state it clearly and without fancy wording: ANYONE CAN FIGURE THESE OUT!
You want me to put it a different way? OK … here goes … ready? If some boob can figure out a way to make you pay for something, then you can figure out the “thing” on your own. AND if you are in any business and think you have  to pay to learn how to do it, then you are in the WRONG business.
I can hear it now … “it is easy for you” or even a better one is “what makes you such an expert?” … and my answer is yes, it is easy for me and I am an expert. I’ve been in business for over 15 years and also have completed my MBA so I know a thing or two about the basics of business.
Focus and Results:
When you spend your time and effort to learn how your business works, then your results will be your reward. When you pay someone else to complete a major function in your business, then THEIR focus is to collect your money for the completion of an activity. You ask me “what’s the difference?” and I’ll explain further. A person in the business of lead generation is focused on selling you names and contact information – their job is to provide names and numbers. When you generate your own leads, your focus is to find “qualified” prospects. You may sort through a ton of “names and numbers” in search of “qualified prospects” OR just find a few “qp’s” and enjoy the rest of your day.
The same guidelines apply to social network sites – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and a ton of others. Just go to the sites and spend a few minutes a day expanding your “circle” and sending short notes to people.
Take control of your business and your results will be your reward instead of paying that and more to others and still having no results.
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