Curiosity is the size of a large car

Here's our traveler. The fact that this explorer weighs in at almost a ton and is about the size of a car, is powered by a small nuke and will be able to ride over a 2 foot high rock is only a tiny bit of the amazing part.

We are on the verge of being able to send a crew to another planet and have them come back and this is one of the steps on that journey.

I remember sitting in the “common room” of the dorm at college back in the '60s when we gathered around to watch guys walk on the moon and I've been a fan of Nasa and everything space since long before that. Dreaming of being on another planet or even the more fantastic – another planet going around another star.

We are but tiny specs in a massive cosmos and the future will include travel to places beyond the distances we can now imagine.

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