Mindset Mentoring

don-eats-fireMindset Mentoring with the Uncomplicator

​Benefits of working Privately with Don

  • Are you stuck in things not working the way you think they should?
  • Do you keep repeating and repeating the same things over and over and somehow think you will get a different result?
  • Do you think you have trouble learning things because you get overloaded or overwhelmed?
  • Is you life or business or relationship not what you wanted or do you not even know what you want?

It is time for you to have someone be your guide/coach/mentor and assist you in taking back the control of your life that has been offloaded to your circumstances.

The role of a mentor is to see what you yourself cannot see and to put your attention on overcoming the limitations of hidden fears, doubts, excuses, negative thoughts and behaviors.

As your mentor, Don, will help you to get clear on your highest purpose and goals. You will discover what you truly want for your life and develop a plan of action to get there. And you will learn the concept of “uncomplication” to begin your path to simple success.

With access to Don’s vast business and life experience you will find solutions and the ability to achieve levels of personal and professional success that have eluded you.

You will learn:

  • Increased Clarity and Self-Confidence
  • Make more money in less time
  • Develop key habits and kill bad ones
  • Sustainable, long-term change
  • No nonsense coaching
  • Develop super-clear goals and a path to get there
  • Achieve your previous unrealized Goals
  • Faster, Easier results than working by Yourself
  • Focused, individualized and Personal Attention
  • Increased Confidence (deeper understanding & greater insight into decision making)
  • Greater understanding of your life's purpose and how to bring your life more into alignment with who you really are.

Not all mentoring applicants are accepted into Don’s mindset mentoring program. Acceptance is based on the following criteria:

  • Level of personal commitment and focus.
  • Ability to allocate time to focus and work towards your personal goals.
  • Willingness to accept coaching and follow a plan of action.

Once you and Don decide that the relationship will help you achieve exponential levels of success, you can choose one of the following packages.

Platinum – This Mentoring Package is designed to get you into productivity. We will work together one your vision, goals and creativity (this is a 4 month program): $4997

Diamond – This Mentoring Package is for people who are a massive change in their life, where we can focus on many areas and deal with some serious issues and income goals. (This is a 10 month program): $9997

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Purchase Your Package.

Your First Session is Free. Prior to setting the appointment time you will complete a questionnaire. Upon acceptance to the program we will schedule your free session. During this session, we will work together to develop the plan for your coaching program. Don will help you determine the fastest path to getting you from where you are today to where you want to be. (There will be homework for you to complete before each session so you can see results in your life.)