Change – Now, Sooner, Soonest, Faster!!!

All change is good because all change results in a different outcome. What?? You don't like that? Well, think about the opposite for a minute. If you continue to do the same thing, then you will continue to get the same result. Right??? Trust me on this … RIGHT!!!
So, we want change in our lives. If the Universe doesn't provide the opportunity for change, then we must do different things on our own to provide that “change” so we can have the bigger, newer, more and better that we deserve and desire.
Part of our quest for change comes in the quest for new knowledge. Learning things we didn't know before and even learning about things we weren't aware of before.
Allow me to boldly put forth a set of “standards” to follow to achieve that wonderful excellence we seek.

1. Start with the knowledge that we don't know it all or even what parameters “all” might take. Imagine that the knowledge of the Universe is stored in large libraries – these libraries are each the size of a massive football stadium (go with the scale of this and don't wonder if I mean American Football or Soccer) … AND to top it off there are a multitude of these libraries, each connected to others via a tube or tunnel. There might be 10 or there might be 10 billion, we don't know the scale, only that there is much more information that we don't know than we do know.

2. Next on the list is our willingness to learn the “small” stuff. Don't assume you know it all. Be a student of the basics and practice the basics all the time. Pro athletes spend hours each week in practice of the fundamentals of their game.

3. Set goals that are possible. If you set a goal that is way beyond your reach, then you will not achieve it because your inner self will always see it as “impossible” and stop you from reaching it.

4. Take advice from people who have what you desire and people who have been where you ARE. The credibility comes from those who have “walked in your shoes” and reached their goals.

5. Feel good now! Your results will be tied to how good you feel and how good you feel about your goals.

As you do more with more of the gusto of life, you will receive more and more. Go and enjoy!

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