Big or Small???? You Get to Choose!

This week’s musings brought me to that interesting choice and the choice that followed it. Which is worse, thinking too big or thinking too small? How many times, lately, have I heard someone say “I don’t want to be greedy” when asked how much money they would like to earn in their future. My gut reaction, of course, is “that’s too bad – don’t you think there is room for everyone to be greedy without running out of resources?”. So the troubling part of this is our societal concept of a “zero sum game” where there is a finite amount of resources and when only the rich people have all the money, none will be left for anyone else. What small minded boob first came up with that lie and how is that the one everyone follows? We live in a world of expanding wealth. The sum of the worlds resources are worth more today than they were yesterday and there are more resources available to us today than yesterday. I mean the basics are more plentiful – oil is pumped out of the ground daily, wheat and staple grains are harvested daily, money is coined and minted it many places on a daily basis. All this amounts to increasing wealth for all.

How do we apply these global scales to individual levels? Easy … each of us can see or visualize increasing abundance and prosperity for ourselves AND take steps to achieve it for ourselves. The really funny part is that all any real success takes is action. How many clichés do we have to describe the results of taking action? A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step … lots of different ones about moving a mountain one shovel at a time … start by starting and go from there is the solution.

Measure your successes on a minute by minute scale not by months or years. From the simplicity of successfully taking a breath to looking out the window to smiling at a wandering thought … each tiny action brings a tiny success. Tiny success build to having a successful morning or afternoon. These build into successful days, weeks months and finally years. As these successes accumulate, you will notice that economic success will become a participant in the game and, while not focusing on it, will become larger and larger as each new level of success is achieved.

When in doubt … choose success.

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