Between MY Ears?

Success is not something limited to a few and is absolutely not a function of “how much money” or even close to it. We learn from our own personal development  that success starts with the simple thought of “I can do that” and the foundation is set.

I know many successful people – they are successful because they have taken action to create something or achieve something. Our society is stuck in something I call the “stupidity of the small mind” and is often controlled by these “negative thinkers” with their loud voices.

Consider this: our financial projections and predictions are from people who are paid a fixed salary for their, so called, knowledge. Not from the entrepreneurial types who forge ahead and create. The news is also “reported” by salaried employees who do not even understand the word “entrepreneur” and their management who tells them what to think (and think about).

What would our world look like if the only voices that were heard were entrepreneurs? The first major difference would be one of “encouraging speech” and a supportive spirit. How would our schools look if it were based on an entrepreneurial system in which each student would be urged to be the best “them” they could be – not comparing to others or testing based on memory.

I can almost imagine a system of business where employees were actually “sub-contractors” of the store or business and were rewarded for their accomplishments and the goals they achieved. AND had input on the direction their part of the business went – a meaningful dialog and not the, now typical, “management by edict” from someone who is operating from their ego instead of common sense business practices.

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