Be Your Own Expert and THEN Outsource

Have you reached a point in doing things that you find your time taken by all the things you have to do and not getting to many of the things you really just want to do? OK, let me restate this in a more simplistic fashion …. are the actions required of you taking all day and the fun things you choose to do not getting any time? I know this one first-hand. And the solution is so simple, that many of us don't take that “next step” and get ourselves outsourced.

Still in confusion? Here's an example of what I mean. Daily blogging is an activity we choose to participate in and it is also a daily activity that is “for the most part” required by our choice of business. The value derived from daily blogging is worth the effort to do it. BUT, you have to know how to do it and be good, if not excellent.

So, how do we outsource this? Google “blog outsourcing” and see the massive number of responses you receive. Just pick one and see if they fit you?

Tips to keep your content and data secure:

  1. Never give your blog or web password to your blogger. Have them send it to you and you can post it.
  2. ALWAYS check your purchases with “copyscape” to make sure you are not just buying someone else's work and paying your provider.
  3. Order your postings at least a week ahead of time so you can put them in place and schedule their delivery.

In the end, all things are as difficult or as easy as YOU choose. I know that I can be as challenged in my actions as the next guy or as free flowing. This all starts in that place behind my eyes and between my ears. Know that your choices are (or can be) the same easy and free flowing and your life and results can follow that same formula. If you want to do your own stuff or outsource it, then do it the way you choose and don't let someone tell you that you have to do it their way (and I'm not).

I also ponder about some of the most successful and most famous people in history and how they were told they couldn't, or shouldn't or never would make it or discouraged in some other way AND they didn't listen, fortunately for us – mostly.

So, go boldly forth, young Jedi and seek your fame, fortune and success. Know that the path you choose will possibly wander and waver and that for each door that closes, there will be another opening.