Are you a confidant public speaker?

One thing I've learned from life is that confidence is a necessary component for anyone who either is successful or wants to be successful. And we often use the example of public speaking and that ability to convey a point without wanting to rush off and hide.

I found this article and the NLP exercise that will assist anyone who wants to be more.

A wonderful NLP tool was posted on another site as a link and I wanted to publish the entire message here. Please note that this was “borrowed” from someone else. This exercise is so powerful that I wanted to make sure that it will survive the evolution of the website I found it on.

This is an NLP exercise that can quickly help you to transform a lack of confidence into resourcefullness.

First I'll give you an example to illustrate how it can be used, then you will see a step-by step guide to try it yourself.

I recently worked for about 20 mins with a young man who had a few lines to read aloud in front of an audience. He was very nervous about doing this. He had a memory of a recent event where he had “really messed up” and had been very embarrassed by forgetting his lines.

I had him think about the task he had to do that very afternon. I had him identify where in his body he could feel the nervousness. Then I asked him to “shake that off” meaning literally shake arms and legs for a brief moment and take a deep breath.

Next I had him tell me about sometyhing he is really good at. He started to tell me about a computer game and I asked more questions.

Noticing him become more confident and at ease, I had him focus in on how he feels when he is the “leader of his guild” in his computer game. Good we now have a resourceful confident state and code name it ” guild leader ”

We were ready to begin. We worked for about 5 mins. doing the actual NLP exercise below. He left very pumped up and full of confidence, went to his presentation and aced his lines!

NLP Exercise

1) Being as specific as possible, choose an area where you would like to experience abundant self confidence. Think of a situation in the future where you would benefit from this type of confidence or resourcefullness.

2) Close your eyes and imagine being in that situation. Notice any feelings in your body. Notice where in your body you feel it. Now shake it off. Give that state a code name.

3) Place a piece of blank paper on the floor with the intention that this represents the coded state.

4) Now, think of a specific time in your life when you felt very at ease. A time when you were the King of your kingdom. You were aligned with what brings you joy, sets you free or makes you passionate. You were happy and confident that all was well in your world.

5) (After reading this paragraph) Close your eyes, and remember that time. Remember what it looked like. take 15 to 20 seconds to really visualize it. Remember what it sounded like. Hear the sounds that happened at that time. What did it feel like? Remember how you felt. Breathe in that feeling.

6) Place a paper on the floor several paces away from the first paper. Intend this one to represent your confident resourceful state.

7) Now stand on the resourceful paper and once again feel what that feels like. Take 15 seconds to really experience it again.

8) When that feeling is strong and the memory is vivid, you may now decide to offer your future self a gift. You can walk over to the other paper, bringing with you all of these qualities and confidence and step right into that future scenario.
When you stepped onto the paper, how did it feel? Did you notice any change in your body? In your emotions?

If you felt any of the same feelings as when you originaly did step 2, then go back to the resourceful paper and repeat steps 7 and 8 again. Take your time.

When you step onto that paper and into that future scenario and you feel all the same emotions and body physiology as you do in step 5, then you have created a shift!

The next time you enter a situation like the one you have been thinking of, a new neuro-pathway is now available to you. You can instantly access the other state. The one of confidence and resourcefullness.

Enjoy and have fun with this NLP exercise !