And NOW You Want Results?

Results??? How silly would it be if none of us ever had the results we were looking for when we took all the actions required to produce them? I know from experience and from hearing the words of others – blasting into my head like some litany or mantra – that one of the actions required is to set proper goals and have a plan. I also know the responses from the “less than successful” or the rank beginners the words: “I just do not know what I want!” or “I do not know how to set a goal.” and this is not the opportunity to learn the basics of SMART goal setting – just do a web search on your favorite browser for “smart goals and objectives” and figure that out – it is not rocket science.
Your next step is to make a sheet of goals so you can write it out. One of the major things that having properly written goals will accomplish is to provide you with a constant positive mindset.
What is the effectiveness of setting goals is much more important than the how to do it. Properly written, a goal is a statement of fact and not a wish – so by “seeing” it in the future as if it were now, you can fill your thoughts with what you have accomplished. We know, scientifically, that we are capable of only one thought at a time, whether good or bad. Having an abundance of good, positive thoughts from our goals causes our brain to focus on only the good and all the dark thoughts we could have had, have no place to go and therefore do not exist.
Set lots of goals – short term, medium term and long term goals. Write them in pen and ink and read them several times a day. Many people utilize a “vision board” or photo collage to assist them in their visualization. Visualize your life with all your goals achieved. See it as a “now” and not as a “maybe one day” result. As you continue to “practice” this act, you will be come more attractive to other positive, goal setting people and you will realize a higher degree of success in all of your endeavors.
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