All Businesses Do NOT Work For Everyone

I was wondering if I had ever seen that written before and I am pretty sure I have not. The reason why is that most of the successful network marketers are only successful because they can and have convinced the masses who join their opportunity that anyone can achieve success. And while that IS true, it is also hidden in a few other facts.

  1. The world operates on the 80-20 rule (Wikipedia 80-20) and most network marketing companies really are closer to 97-3.
  2. Most people start a business without the necessary knowledge about operating a business. My MBA is not the absolute necessity for everyone, but a bit of common sense and adhering to sound business practices is essential.
  3. Often times it is impossible to distinguish between a real business opportunity and one which will really only reward the few.

There are a few things that anyone can do prior to getting started in any business and these simple steps will increase the likelihood of their success.

  1. Have a conversation with the person who is attempting to enroll you in their business. If they don’t want to talk or communicate, then move on. Ask them to talk to someone who is having real success. Be prepared to ask them questions about what they did and what they do.
  2. Make sure they have a system that YOU can follow – be prepared to learn things about marketing, advertising and business.
  3. Make a business plan – include all fixed costs and estimate for variable costs until profitable and include your living and life expenses.
  4. Make sure the business you are looking at will provide the income to meet your income goal.
  5. The most important step to take is: get a job if you cannot do the first four.

In all the years I have been in business (and part of the 3% in some cases) I have followed this set of rules. The times that I have not been able to follow them have resulted in more expense than income.
I know of a few businesses that work. The resulting “reward” is commensurate with the amount required to invest and sometimes the amount of “labor” that is required.
I will list them from the largest reward on down with links to sign-up or “information” pages:
My Primary Business
This has an earning potential of tons of money using a system of driving internet traffic to a web site. Costs are higher and rewards are higher.
My Wife’s Primary Business
This also has a huge earning potential and requires active team building. Costs are less, but it requires a higher time commitment and more involvement in “talking to people” to reach a level of success.
I started one of those “little or no money and make a boatload” businesses – and I didn't so I removed the link.
Much less money involved, but can grow to a moderate income with a little advertising. This is a great starter to see how you like internet marketing.
As in all things in life, success goes to the most active and most diligent in taking action. So, be bold, take action and be successful.
Luxury Vagabond

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