About Me

don-wed-headIntrepid Entrepreneur, Educator, Uncomplicator, Empowerer, Inspirer and Visionary – my wife Karla Silver and I assist budding entrepreneurs in their search for their own magic sparkly dust and becoming their own mystical creatures. My Entrepreneurism and out of the box thinking really goes  back to my elementary school days where I fully discovered how different I thought compared to the rest of the class. Yes, they put me in the “smart kids” group and left us alone to figure it out. Always a precocious student, the end of public school happened mid-year in my senior year of high school and it was on to college in the spring.

The next twenty some years saw me in the service (USAF) and in a few management training programs and working my way up in the computer industry (hardware maintenance from a toolkit to a directorship) and finally, believe it or not, into retail sales of home electronics. Working for the good guys gave me insights into business that I hadn’t ever experienced and it also brought someone into my circle who has since become my business partner, Chris.

For the past twenty years I’ve been an independent business owner and entrepreneur. This has evolved from my own consulting company where I assisted others in their IT requirements and then to their management and marketing requirements with the addition of an MBA to my resume.  Along the way I met my life partner and pal, Karla and we entered the network marketing world.

Those experiences of being a company leader, building a team and training new associates has also added to my abilities in that I have the ability to analyze and advise a business owner on how to increase their business and market share with tools and techniques designed specifically for their individual  requirements. The days of “vanilla” for all are over and we all require a unique marketing plan that meets our business, experience and goals.

I tell people that I can “make their phone ring” and I really mean that I can assist their growth and visibility to the point where their customers are pounding on the door to get in. My goal is to be that magical dust that smart business people use to maximize the results from their marketing and advertising efforts. When I make your business bigger, better and more effective, then my actions have been rewarded with their proper results.

Your path is to determine what you want the end to be (set goals) and take the appropriate action to achieve it. Let me know if you desire my assistance and together we can “make it happen” … all for you.