A Rose By Any Other Name

I was amazed today, and it takes a lot to amaze me. I read an email that started out by saying bad things about recruiting. As this email progressed (and yes, silly me read the entire thing) it transformed into a recruitment email. That is like having a sign in front of your steak restaurant warning everyone that meat is bad. Don’t people read the junk they send out?
In our universe of network marketing we are recruiters. You can put a bag over your head or stick your fingers in your ears and hum, but be aware of this. WE RECRUIT. That’s it. All our marketing or lead generation or “old school” belly-to-belly is about is getting more and more people in our team and having them do the same thing. And it doesn’t matter if you call it “direct sales” or some other silly euphemism it is still part of the network marketing industry and is all just a variety of MLM.
The differences are how you get paid, how big and what kind of organization is required for your qualification and what the company has as the product line. Some are priced higher and some are priced lower. Some will reward you appropriately and some will reward your up-line more richly for your work. Some profess to teach a system and some will have a system in place that is easier to follow. And you can find promises of “reward” ranging from a few dollars per week (or month) to what I like to call “lifestyle” income. With the lifestyle income you can make enough to life the lifestyle you choose.
In examining and exploring this range of income types, I’ve looked at some big, some small and some in the middle. Anyone wanting to know specific companies will have to contact me to find out which ones I have evaluated.
Small opportunities exist that promise “anyone can make money within an hour with no investment” and so, being the intrigued idiot I am, I jumped on this. And yes, they delivered on their guarantee. Within the first hour, following their simple instructions I had money in my account in their system. The amount was less than a half dollar. To make enough to “withdraw” and have the money, I would have had to spend an hour a day for about 15 days (This would return to me about $10 US). Not exactly enough to bother with. I prefer things that make me more than that. I could have sped up the process by “upgrading” and recruiting others who also “upgraded” and that is how their system really works. Standard MLM – recruit a paying team and make some money.
There are a few “social networking/network marketing” companies showing up lately. One has a simple model, when you upgrade (reasonably small amount) and have two people upgrade under you (that you recruit) you have covered your monthly cost and so by adding two people for each month you will eventually get a few hundred dollars each month. Again, the time required is a variable to attract those two people each month (or more if you want to get a decent reward).
For more of a lifestyle income we have to look at more traditional companies or some of the hybrid systems. Investments in product range from about $500 to $3000 and more and you can have a positive cash flow in your first month with 3 people or so in your team. Some will require you to talk to people as part of the recruiting and some will use a system that involves less personal contact initially.
All have some basic similarities and requirements. Having an entrepreneurial mindset and marketing to build a team. Whichever you choose will or can give you the results you seek, so choose.

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